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Shaykh Adnaan Raja

The Burdah of Busiri (Leather PU Case)

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Instantly Recognized Anywhere In The World By Its Epithet, The Burdah Is A Timeless Tribute To The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Which Although Penned In The Twelfth Century, Still Resonates Deeply Due To The Affinity Generated By The Author’s Spiritual Journey.

Designed by Naveed Hameed; Translated by Shaykh Adnaan Raja

The poem begins with Imam al-Busiri’s struggle against his ego, as he showcases the hallmarks of true Muhammadan love. Through praising the Prophet ﷺ , narrating events and miracles from the Prophet’s ﷺ life, as well as lauding the majesty of the Holy Qur’an, the ode culminates with Imam al-Busiri’s miraculous rehabilitation, as he petitions the Prophet ﷺ. All of which takes place with the Imam turning back to Allah ﷻ during reconciliation with his faith, and a noetic realization about the reality of the world.
Soft PU Tan Leather Satchel Cover

  • Author: Shaykh Adnaan Raja
  • Pages: 124
  • Publisher: Imam Ghazali Publishing