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Ndaa Hassan

Reema Doll (Does Not Include Sitti Doll)

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Sitti’s Olive Trees is the story of the olive harvesting season in Palestine. Sitti shares the beautiful tales of her ancestors planting and caring for their precious olive trees with Reema, her granddaughter who lives in the west, and the unique culture and hard work that goes into olive picking season. This heart-warming tale is a celebration of culture, family, and storytelling.

The crochet dolls are handmade with extreme attention to detail and are fit for little hands. We are honored to be collaborating with Oak Creative Designs supporting handmade crafts and in turn supporting the women behind this work. The dolls are made by extremely talented women refugees, many of whom have now settled in their homes and are able to support their children and families.


* Sitti Doll - 12 inches long
* Reema doll - 9 inches long