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Suad Sultan

(Bundle) Qur'an Princesses (Book, Journal & Hijab)

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Bundle includes a Qur'an Princess Book, Journal and Hijab!

When you hear the word “Princess” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What if we told you that the image you have in your head is about to change to something more meaningful? Qur’an Princesses is a unique story that inspires children to love, connect, and want to understand the Qur’an. It takes you through a journey of a group of girls who develop a friendship through their shared love of the Quran. To them, the Quran is not just a book, it is a way of life, a guide, and source of creating beautiful memories. Join them as they inspire each other to set goals, work hard to achieve them, and celebrate their accomplishments! A book about princesses that even boys can find joy in reading!