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Geometric Skies: Islamic Art-Inspired Geometric Art Activity Book, Saba Rifat

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A geometric pattern activity book to inspire art, flourish creativity and relieve stress for adults and teenagers. Inspiring features include 50 beautiful geometrical patterns to colour, 34 stickers to collect and 4 polyhedral template designs to colour-cut-assemble. Inspired by traditional patterns from Spain, Morocco, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, India and Syria. Geometric patterns possess endless expressive possibilities that can be achieved through personal creativity using colour, tone, fun, doodles, repetition and complexity. Colouring patterns are printed on superior quality paper with light lines to allow freedom of expressive colouring and suitable for a range of colouring applications such as pencils, crayons and felt markers. Geometric Skies is perfectly suited for leisure, practice and therapy colouring purposes.