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Hafsah Dabiri

Elephant's Makeover

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Written by Rukhsana Khan, Elephant's Makeover shares a surprising similarity to her highly acclaimed book, Big Red Lollipop.

Elephant wants to make friends.

When she overhears some animals talking about her, she internalizes their comments and decides to do something about it.

She will swap her offending body parts for prettier ones!

She takes Owl’s beautiful eyes, Wasp’s tiny waist, Mole’s star-shaped nose, Mouse’s dainty ears, and Cat’s long graceful limbs and TA DA! She thinks she’s gorgeous.

But when she hears them grumbling about her she wonders what to do.

Can she make it up to them? Will they finally be her friends?

Or…has she overlooked a better possibility for a friendship, all along?

Ages 3+, Hardcover, 40 pages