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Fatima Mohammed

Blaze Your Own Path

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Step into Bluebell's story and travel alongside her as she discovers herself. Join this feisty little kitten as she finds her pawsteps and adjusts to a new life . . . or does she? After spending the first few short months of her life in blissful seclusion, Bluebell finds herself whisked into a jam-packed Academy brimming with shifty characters. A lion fleeing her destiny. A tiger searching for her identity. And Bluebell herself, struggling to find her footing in a new and befuddling world. Will Bluebell overcome the seemingly invincible obstacles and clear the path to a new future blooming with possibility, or will she lose herself in a world of confusion and questions unanswered?

  • Author: Fatima Mohammed 
  • Independently Published 
  • Pages: 39
  •  Paperback